Church is for everyone, not just “church-y” people. 

What We Believe

The Bible is God’s word. It’s always right and always relevant to my life and His plan for me.
  • There’s only one God. God the father, Jesus (God’s son), and the Holy Spirit are one. Buddha, Allah, and all those other guys aren’t God.
  • Everyone has done something wrong at least once in their life. Jesus died for me so that I can be more like him and be forgiven of all the wrong I’ve done.
  • Communion and baptism aren’t old, outdated rituals. They’re what we do to obey God and remember Jesus.
  • Being filled with the Holy Spirit is God’s gift to me to help convict and empower me to live God’s way. When I’m filled with the Holy Spirit, I can speak in other tongues.
  • God uses the church and spiritual leaders to do His work and help His people grow. Not just this church, but churches all around the world.
  • God heals. And He’s in a good mood, so he likes to heal a lot.
  • Jesus is coming back.  Soon. But don’t ask when, because we don’t know…After Jesus comes back, there will be a time of peace on earth.
  • The people who don’t follow Jesus will be separated from God forever. Yes, hell is real. And it’s hot. The people who followed Jesus will live with God forever.  Yes, heaven is real. So get on that train…